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How to use your Hot Shots BBQ Fuel

1. If you're using a kettle BBQ, leave the top off and open the bottom vents when lighting BBQ.

2. Place the Hots Shots BBQ Fuel briquettes on each side adjacent to the handles in order to keep the handles away from the maximum heat.

3. To commence cooking, ensure vents on top and on the bottom of the kettle are fully open.

4. Cook in the most sheltered spot available, particularly on a windy day.

5. When using a kettle BBQ, if the piece of meat is extending over the coals, protect the meat by placing a small amount of foil between the fire and the meat.

6. After cooking the food, all vents can be closed which cuts off the oxygen supply and extinguishes the Hot Shots.  They can be reused for your next BBQ.

7. Ensure the Hot Shots BBQ briquettes are kept in a dry environment.  Do not use damp briquettes.

8. Most importantly - enjoy your BBQ feast.


This table and chart shows the typical temperature ranges according to the time that your Hot Shots BBQ Briquettes are alight.



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