LONG LASTING heating briquettes

Hot Shots Heating Briquettes (not to be confused with our BBQ Fuel Briquettes) are a long lasting fuel for log burners and wood fires. Recommended as a partner to wood, especially in slow combustion heaters. Briquettes are made from brown coal and compressed into high density briquettes.


Hot Shots Heating Briquettes burn up to three times longer than wood and when used with wood in equal proportions the heat level is stabilised and extended over a much longer period.

Pack Sizes: 10kg Economy Briq Pack.

Closed Wood



Open Fire




Briquettes form an important part of Hot Shot Fuels business, so its best we give you a backgrounder on what they are all about.

How many briquettes are sold in the Hot Shots heating briquettes bag? 

10kg pack – 10 blocks per pack.


Is there a set number of Hot Shots heating briquettes to be used for a certain temperature or is the number to be used the same for whatever temperature?

It is the same for whatever situation. It is best to add them to an existing fire and leave the door closed, overnight or when going out.


What are the base ingredients for Hot Shots heating briquettes?

Our Briquettes are made from compressed brown coal.


Where can I buy Hot Shot Heating Briquettes in Australia?

Australian consumers can buy Hot Shots Heating Briquettes from Bunnings, other hardware Stores and some local garden Stores.


Briquettes (also known as 'briquet' elsewhere around the world) are fire bricks made from various organic, biomass and combustible materials, which are aggregated in a partial liquid state, then compacted and left to dry for use later on.

The biomass/combustible materials could be anything from lower grade coal, compressed coal dust, old shredded newspapers, saw dust, wood shavings, very small twigs and sticks. Basically, anything that is small, can burn and can then be compacted down eventually into briquette form.


The original idea behind briquettes was to re-use waste materials, and in this day and age of climate change and the reduction of one's carbon footprint, the usage of briquettes is still very much a concept that has its place in our modern society.


Briquettes that are manufactured rather than home made are done so using Briquette Press Machines, which can create the brick into convenient shapes (like rectangles or square blocks) which makes it easy for storage purposes. The machines can also mass produce, generating output to scale.

If you are a real DIY person with spare time on your hands, you can make your own briquettes at home using a combination of wet and dry materials, and by following a few 

hacks/tricks which are beyond the scope of this article. You can find some examples on how to make your Briquettes on YouTube or WikiHow.


The most common form of commercial briquette are those made from charcoal, or compressed charcoal dust. As you can imagine, charcoal dust is a by-product of coal mining, and other than making briquettes, does not have a lot of other applications, so it is a good way of re-using such raw materials without wasting it.


Note: This should not be confused with activated charcoal, which is used for an entirely different purpose (filtering air, water etc), and not heating.

*Never to be used for cooking.